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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Governor's meth summit hears from addicts (Arizona)

Arizona Department of Public Safety officers are forming a new task force for methamphetamine-related crime.

Here are the facts:

Governor Janet Napolitano introduced a $5 million plan to fight meth during a statewide meth meeting Monday in Phoenix.

The task force, made up of three DPS investigative units, will develop and monitor anti-meth strategies.

The investigative units will focus on home-made meth production, border smuggling, and breaking up meth organizations.

On the treatment side, the CODAC Behavioral Services also has some suggestions.

Holly Darwin, Director of Specialized Services, says, " I believe we need to have more funding for programs such as this, and for after-care."

Also attending this two day conference, Arizona policy makers and experts. They're there to put a face on the meth problem and suggest strategies on how to beat it.

Meth use costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in property crimes, but the cost to the user is even more.

Ken, a meth addict, says, "I've lost my self esteem, I've lost my integrity, I've lost all honesty."

Ken, like each of the others attending CODAC'S Recovery Bridge Origins, is trying to regain his life by staying clean.

He says he's been hooked on meth for two decades. He's been in prison, and homeless.

So now he spends 20 hours a week attending CODAC'S's Recovery Bridge Origins.

Sarah, another participant, began using meth during her pregnancy. Her newborn son went through two months of withdrawals from the highly-addictive drug.

Child Protective Services took her three children. Her parents are taking care of them.

She's fighting to stay clean and to get her children back.

She has some advice.... "You'll never get anything from using meth except for loss. You lose everything you know and everything you love. If you do it, you'll not be able to quit easy. Quitting hurts, but it's worth it."

Statistics show that meth is responsible for about one-fourth of all substance abuse treatment in the state and one-in-10 children are getting hooked.

That's why Sonja, who also lost her children to CPS, is urging the governor to pay attention to the schools.

Sonja says, "It's one thing for adults, but it's another thing for children ages 13 and younger abusing. It's sad."

Penny is on probation. She also lost her children.

She's been clean four months.

Her advice, do away with the red tape for treatment.

"If we're wanting help, begging for help and wanting to get clean, why can't we get what we need?"


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