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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Legislature to deal with meth (Alberta Canada)

Two acts in the current Spring sitting of the Alberta Legislature, if passed, will protect children and the environment from the effects of methamphetamine.

Ed Moore
Leader staff
Monday February 27, 2006

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement (Meth) Act, if made law, would get tough with those who dispose of meth making materials into the environment (e.g. sewers, water bodies, etc.)
The proposed law would also make it
possible for law enforcement officers to get tough on so called ma-and-pa drug making operations.
The Drug Endangered Children Act would help protect youngsters raised in drug laden environments, said West Yellowhead MLA Ivan Strang.
"The Ministry of Children's Services can take the children away so they're not exposed to that," said Strang.
Health care will also get plenty of play in the current legislative session, but, Strang said, details as of last week, were sketchy about what would transpire.
Other proposed legislation has included the Livestock Identification and Commerce Act, which acknowledges changes in the agriculture industry and is designed to provide financial protection for livestock buyers. It was meant to standardize documentation and the Protection Against Family Violence Amendment Act, which will add stalking, broadening the scope of who will be protected under the act and clarifies the conditions for granting an emergency protection order.
Strang will also introduce a bill for
Government Services Minister Ty Lund, the Real Estate Amendment Act. The proposed amendments would clarify the role of the Real Estate Council of Alberta and allow the council to more actively prevent and detect mortgage fraud.
The West Yellowhead MLA expects the current legislative session to last until the May long weekend.


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