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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Neighborhood disturbed by drug allegations (Tennessee)

Signs of discontent: Neighborhood disturbed by drug allegations

by Jessica Stith
of The Daily Times Staff

Two women on Travis Circle, just east of the Maryville city limits in Blount County, didn't love thy neighbor's actions, so they took matters into their own hands.

People who drive into the cul-de-sac may get the impression there is a lot of inappropriate activity going on -- or maybe just a neighborhood feud.

Signs stand in two yards toward the back of the circle making requests, demands, comical gestures and what some may see as accusations.

Cathy Wilkerson and Barbara Roulette, who live directly across from each other in the cul-de-sac, said they put the signs up May 10 in response to heavy traffic in the neighborhood, especially at one house in particular.

The signs make reference to problems they claim to see in the neighborhood, including dog waste in their yards, underfed and tied-up horses, and drugs.

The signs referring to drugs demand that people in the neighborhood stop using and selling all drugs -- including meth, crack and pot -- in order to keep the children in the neighborhood safe.

One sign appeared on Memorial Day that caught a lot of attention, and some say it went too far.

The sign read, ``Memorial Day Crack Sale, Two 4 One, Next Door.'' At night, the sign was lit by neon-blue and flashing-red lights.

The sign was propped up on the edge of Wilkerson's property just a few feet from the neighbor's driveway. It was removed two days after Memorial Day.

Edward Oxendine, a neighbor of Wilkerson, said he believes he was being implicated in the ``Crack Sale'' sign and is angry about the possible allegations against him.

Oxendine said the drug signs make him feel like he is being accused of something of which the neighbors have no proof. He said the heavy traffic in front of his house is due to friends of his and his son and his daughter stopping by to visit.

``All I'm saying to them is prove it,'' Oxendine said. ``If you can, I'll shake your hand.''

Wilkerson said the sign was not intended to point out any specific person or residence, but simply to grab the attention of the heavy traffic driving down their street and make them think about the children nearby.

The traffic in front of Oxendine's house is not new, Wilkerson said. It has gotten a lot worse over the past two years, she said, and they put the signs up when they and their children witnessed altercations involving weapons in the front yard of their neighbor's house.

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