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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mexican Mafia

"Gang members who end up serving time in jail as adults often graduate to the toughest gang of all--the Mexican Mafia, or "La Eme," a prison-based gang that controls drug sales in San Antonio. Joining the Mexican Mafia is equivalent to playing in the major leagues. Drive-bys become planned executions, and drug sales and racketeering replace auto theft and vandalism. Members are recruited in prison. Young street-gang members taking their first trip to the penitentiary often choose the hard-core gang lifestyle of the Mafia for the protection it offers in jail." (Texas Monthly, Audrey Duff 10/94)

I found this amongst many other stories about the Mexian Mafia. They are real and not an urban legend. There are many stories of murders and trials especially in California.

LOS ANGELES, Posted 7:45 p.m. May 16, 1997 -- A Los Angeles jury has begun deliberating the fate of 13 alleged members of the Mexican Mafia. The defendants are accused of murdering or trying to murder 25 people in a quest for control of Southern California drug gangs. The charges include murder, racketeering, attempted murder, drug sales, conspiracy and extortion, reported The Associated Press.

Here is a snippet of information from someone who was in the Mexican Mafia...
I joined the Mafia Art Blajos' true story of the Mexican Mafia & his way out

I joined the Mafia. "EVERY MEMBER of our Mexican Mafia has killed someone," they told me. So at 16 years of age, to join the Mafia, I killed someone. I then received the Mafia blackhand mark on my body. I also knew the Mafia rule, "If a Mafia member tries to leave the Mafia he will be killed. At once I saw they were members of the Mafia in this car.

I believe I've read enough now to believe that there is such a cartel in this country and they thrive just as the Italian Mafia of the past... I think the one BIG difference is that they deal in the worst drug in the world... METH!!! and we know that METH EQUALS DEATH!

Check out a book I recently read from a man who came off of meth and his experiences. It is called "Meth Equals Sorcery" by Steve Box of Missouri. You can find his book at:

Name of Group: Mexican Mafia
Other Names: EME, Emily, Emeros
Origin: The EME was formed in the late 1950's in the California Department of Corrections. It originally was a street gang in urban Los Angles.
Ideology/Philosophy: Primarily ethnic solidarity and control of drug trafficking.
Membership Characteristics: The EME is primarily comprised of Mexican-Americans.
Leadership/Organizational Structure: The structure of the EME consists of a chain of command whereby instructions from generals are carried out by captains, lieutenants, and soldier. Ordinarily, each prison has separate leadership. To a certain extent, EME members imitate the traditional Italian Mafia and have a structural framework which identifies them as a well organized, disciplined organization.
Geographic Locus: The EME has California origins, but also is active in the Federal prison system.
Associated Organizations: Arizona's Old Mexican Mafia; Aryan Brotherhood; Mexikanemi; New Mexico Syndicate; urban Latino street gangs.
Antagonistic Organizations: La Nuestra Familia; Northern Structure; Arizona's New Mexican Mafia; Black Guerilla Family; black street gangs.
Typical Identifiers: Many confuse the EME with the Mexikanemi from Texas; they are two distinct groups. Some believe that Mexikanemi share identical tattoos with the EME, but there are subtle differences which should be taken into account when attempting to associate membership with either EME or Mexikanemi through the use of tattoos.
Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the mexican mafia was never a street gang it was form by members of different gangs being the founder Huero from hawaiin gardens street gang.

Saturday, August 08, 2009 2:35:00 AM  
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Blogger Dallas said...

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