This is dedicated to Travis Holappa who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered on July 25, 2004 in Northern Minnesota. This was all due to meth. I am Travis' mother and I wish to make this devastation turn into a better thing by educating and exposing the truth about meth, the dangers, and the deadly consequences it brings about to individuals and communities.

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I want to do what I can to educate people about what is going on around the world with the meth problem. I want people to know about it BEFORE they even get the idea to want to try it. It is a dangerous drug and will ruin your life as well as all those who love you. I am on a mission on behalf of my only son, Travis.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oberstar proposes major initiative on meth Epidemic 'plaguing the region' (Minnesota)

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. James Oberstar, D-Minn., introduced the Methamphetamine Eradication Act in Congress Wednesday, involving a comprehensive federal response to problems relating to meth abuse.

“A meth epidemic is plaguing communities in Northern Minnesota and other rural areas across the country,’’ Oberstar said in a news release.

Meth is the most treatment-resistant of all illegal drugs; tax dollars diverted from cash-strapped local budgets and personnel and cleanup costs to eradicate a meth lab site or for treating meth addicts “consumes our society’s resources at an astounding rate,’’ he said.

Fighting meth requires a comprehensive approach to crack down on meth producers and traffickers, community education and treatment options, he added.

Information he gathered at two Hometown Values forums on what federal, state and local governments can do to stop the spread of meth in Northern Minnesota was the basis for legislation he introduced in Congress, he said.

Some of the provisions include: Set meth awareness training for rural first responders and equipment; require drug enforcement funds for rural law enforcement; train rural prosecutors and law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting meth offenses; give extra funds for rural areas prosecuting meth; help rural areas in child protection cases for children of meth addicts; regulate sales of pseudoephedrine used to make meth; set a minimum mandatory 20 year prison sentence for making meth where children reside; give funds for drug-endangered children rapid response teams; give enhanced residential substance abuse treatment programs for prisoners; set a study on finding the health conditions on children exposed to meth; and give funding for educational programs on prevention and treatment of meth abuse, and for rural government reimbursement for meth lab cleanup costs.


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