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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Alcohol top drug problem among youth: RCMP (British Columbia, Canada)

By Leslie Dickson
News Contributor
Feb 08 2006

Despite the high profile crystal meth addiction has had in the community lately, B.C.’s drug awareness co-ordinator said meth isn’t the number one drug concern for local youth.
RCMP Cpl. Scott Rintoul, who was to speak about drugs at PItt Meadows secondary last night, said alcohol remains the number one drug problem among youth.
“Alcohol now surpasses tobacco with respect to addiction levels,” Rintoul said Monday, noting teenaged binge drinkers have a greater probability of becoming alcoholics as adults.
However, Rintoul said crystal meth is definitely something we should respect. “If we don’t respect it, it can be a problem.”
Locally, crystal meth has been more prominent, observed Rintoul.
“I know in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area there have been more incidents of meth — at least police-related calls — than other areas,” Rintoul added.
But pointing to the crystal meth task force, Rintoul noted progress can be made when community groups work together.
“We can use meth as a catalyst to mobilize agencies in the community. We are light years ahead where we were 10 years ago.”
When speaking to parents about drug addiction, Rintoul said he tries to emphasize that parents stay engaged with their children and discipline them when necessary.
“It’s not acceptable that 15-year-olds drink [alcohol] on the weekends ... You may not be able to stop it, but you don’t have to condone it.”
Parents also need to know about newer synthetic drugs, like ecstasy and GHB, the latter of which has been used as a date rape drug.
And even if someone’s teenager doesn’t drink or do drugs, Rintoul said it’s still important parents ensure their children are aware of the dangers of drugs.
“You can have a kid that doesn’t do drugs at all, but could get drugged at a party,” Rintoul said.


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