This is dedicated to Travis Holappa who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered on July 25, 2004 in Northern Minnesota. This was all due to meth. I am Travis' mother and I wish to make this devastation turn into a better thing by educating and exposing the truth about meth, the dangers, and the deadly consequences it brings about to individuals and communities.

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I want to do what I can to educate people about what is going on around the world with the meth problem. I want people to know about it BEFORE they even get the idea to want to try it. It is a dangerous drug and will ruin your life as well as all those who love you. I am on a mission on behalf of my only son, Travis.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

METH: One Hit, One Death (South Dakota)

She had just started high school and looked to have a promising future, but Chantel Wilson never finished her freshmen year. She died after trying meth just once, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Over the years, methamphetamine has taken ahold of communities across the reservation.

Whether learning how to fish, having fun in front of the camera, or hanging out with friends...Chantel Smith was always full of energy.

Mother Connie Wilson said, "She was active in basketball and volleyball."

Older Sister Alicia Wilson said, "I have a daughter and she's her auntie. She just did everything for her. She was a good auntie."

But on November 18th, 2005, this vivacious daughter, sister and aunt faced a dangerous situation. She was home alone when a familiar visitor stopped by.

Connie Wilson said, "She was driving by and had no where to go to do her meth and I was not home so she pulled in to my house."

What the woman did next changed the family forever.

Connie Wilson said, "Smoked it on a tin foil with my daughter. My daughter had taken one hit of meth."

It was Chantel's first time. But instead of getting a high—

Alicia Wilson said, "She said my head hurts. My head hurts. I'm going to go outside and get some fresh air."

Older sister Alicia Wilson was down the street when relatives came knocking on her door.

Alicia Wilson said, "She was on her trampoline when I got there."

Chantel had collapsed.

Connie Wilson said, "She had a brain aneurism. She died within seconds after she took a hit of meth. My daughter was 15, just turned 15."

Her family is still trying to understand why she tried meth that day.

Connie Wilson said, "You know my daughter was a teenager and they're curious and they are going to try things for the first time."

While they may never know why, the family is using Chantel's story to warn others about the dangers of Meth.

Connie Wilson said, "I would like to spread it and share it with others. I'm a hurting mother right now and I wouldn't like anyone else to feel the way I feel."

Alicia Wilson said, "People are just in awe. I've even seen a couple people start crying. Hearing it from her sister probably hits home than more than just another speaker."

They aren't alone in their efforts. Georgine Looks Twice started the Oglala Lakota Methamphetamine Prevention Task Force more than a year ago; she was concerned the meth problem on the reservation was being overlooked.

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